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Graduate Students

Area of Focus
Degree Seeking E-mail
El-Batanouny, Mohammad Structural PhD e-mail
Abd El-Gawad, Sherif M Water Resources PhD e-mail
Alam, Md. Jahangir Water Resources PhD e-mail
Alva Solari, Luis H Water Resources PhD e-mail
Barrios, Francisco A Structural PhD e-mail
Billah, Mirza Water Resources PhD e-mail
Brawley, Kevin R Geotechnical ME e-mail
Campbell, Amanda L Environmental ME e-mail
Carroll, Jr., Christopher Eric Geotechnical ME e-mail
Castronova, Anthony M Water Resources PhD e-mail
Chounet, Natalie G Geotechnical ME e-mail
Connor, David R Structural MS e-mail
El-Kholy, Mohammad El Water Resources PhD e-mail
Ercan, Mehmet Water Resources MS e-mail
Ezz, Hesham Y Water Resources PhD e-mail
Falatok, David A Structural ME e-mail
Freeman, Robert M Structural ME e-mail
Ghamsari, Vida G Geotechnical MS e-mail
Gieser, William Geotechnical ND e-mail
Haldankar, Heramb Structural MS e-mail
Hammond, Benjamin M Water Resources MS e-mail
Hasek, Michael J Geotechnical PhD e-mail
Helton, Alan ND ND e-mail
Heo, Jiyong Environmental PhD e-mail
Hill, Thomas Structural MS e-mail
Hou, Xiangting Environmental MS e-mail
Houston, Christopher J Environmental PhD e-mail
Houston, Thomas W. Geotechnical PhD e-mail
Hyman, Megan K Transportation ME e-mail
Jack, Nicholas W. Structural PhD e-mail
Khan, Iftheker A Environmental PhD e-mail
Knight, Thomas G Water Resources MS e-mail
Kohart, Bryan E Environmental ME e-mail
LaRocque, Lindsey Water Resources PhD e-mail
Larosche, Aaron K Structural MS e-mail
Leon, Evangelia Structural PhD e-mail
Li, Honfen Geotechnical PhD e-mail
Li, Jinru Water Resources MS e-mail
Lindemann, John C Environmental ME e-mail
Lozano, Paula Environmental MS e-mail
Mangual, Jese D Structural PhD e-mail
Marulanda, Johannio Structural PhD e-mail
Mathews, Grady F Structural PhD e-mail
Matthews, Luke A Structural MS e-mail
Mohamed, Khaled M Water Resources PhD e-mail
Mulliken, Jeffrey S Structural PhD e-mail
Omor, Sharif Abul Bashar Transportation PhD e-mail
Ospina, Gustavo A Structural MS e-mail
Parrish, Adam J Structural ME e-mail
Peake, John R Water Resources ME e-mail
Perez, Angel Ari Geotechnical PhD e-mail
Perry, Shinisha L Environmental PhD e-mail
Pham, Quyen Thi Transportation PhD e-mail
Riahi-Nezhad, Cyrus K Water Resources PhD e-mail
Ricks, Matthew D Water Resources MS e-mail
Ross, Stephen H Structural ME e-mail
Sears, Roger D Environmental MS e-mail
Scherger, Mark Environmental ME e-mail
Sharif, Yusuf A Water Resources PhD e-mail
Shatnawi, Fadi M Water Resources PhD e-mail
Smith, Daniel C Structural ME e-mail
Song, Muchun Transportation MS e-mail
Stehmeyer, Edward Structural PhD e-mail
Stires, Nicholas Geotechnical MS e-mail
Sweigart, Shawn Structural PhD e-mail
Turpen, Nicholas A Structural ME e-mail
Valavala, Ramesh Environmental MS e-mail
Waring, Justin P Geotechnical/Water Resources ME e-mail
Wieger, Glen R. Structural MS>PhD e-mail
Zaib, Qammer Environmental PhD e-mail
Zhou, Ke Geotechnical PhD e-mail
Zhu, Huiying Environmental PhD e-mail

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