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Jaime Plazas-Tuttle

My general interests are to obtain experience as a researcher working with nanomaterials for drinking and wastewater treatment, applied science & engineering, water quality, fundamental physical, chemical and biological processes in environmental systems, membrane technology, engineers without borders, and new and alternative technologies for sustainable development. I enjoy discovering, learning and adapting new teaching strategies and developing new tools for my teaching career. Previously, I helped to establish an "Engineers Without Borders (EWB)" group in Colombia, providing drinking water to rural communities. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Saleh since August 2012.

Currently I am working on following projects:

» Transport of chirally separated carbon nanotubes
» Ramirez, M.C., Plazas, J., Torres, C., Silva, J.C., Caicedo, L.C., and M.A. Gonzalez. 'A Systemic Framework to Develop Sustainable Engineering Solutions in Rural Communities in Colombia Case Study: Ingenieros sin Fronteras Colombia.' 2012, Systemic Practice and Action Research.25 (2), 95-116.
» Bick, A., Plazas T, J.G., Yang, F., Raveh, A., Hagin, J., and Oron, G. 2009 Immersed Membrane BioReactor (IMBR) for treatment of combined domestic and dairy wastewater in an isolated farm: An exploratory case study implementing the Facet Analysis (FA). Desalination. 249 (3), 1217-1222.
» Bick, A., Tuttle, J.G.P., Shandalov, S., and Oron, G. 2005 Immersed Membrane BioReactor (IMBR) For treatment of combined domestic and dairy wastewater in an isolated farm. Water Science & Technology. 51 (10), 327-334.

Phone: 803 777 7404, 803 777 7153