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A R M Nabiul Afrooz

My general interests are in aggregation, deposition and transport mechanisms of metallic nanoparticles. I am also interested in fundamental understanding of the role of physical attributes of metallic nanoparticles in their interaction with microbial population. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Saleh since January 2010.

Currently I am working on following projects:

» Investigation on aggregation kinetics of gold nanoparticles having different physical characteristics and understanding the underlying science behind these difference.

» Probing into the aggregation kinetics of copper nanoparticles in different solution chemistry

» Toxicity of gold nanoparticles on pseudomonas arigonosa: a quest to separate physics from chemistry
» Afrooz, ARM, Khan, I., Hussain, SM., Saleh, N. "Mechanistic hetero-aggregation of gold nanoparticles in a wide range of solution chemistry". Journal of environmental science & technology, 2012. (Accepted for publication)

» Afrooz, A. R. M. N., Sivalapalan, S. T., Murphy, C. J., Hussain, S. M., Schlager, J. J., Saleh, N. B. "Spheres vs. Rods: The Shape of Gold Nanoparticles Influences Aggregation and Deposition Behavior".Chemosphere, 2012,(In Press).

» Mukhopadhyay, A.; Grabinski, C.; Afrooz, A. R. M.; Saleh, N. B.; Hussain, S. M. "Effect of gold nanosphere surface chemistry on protein adsorption and cell uptake in vitro". Appl Biochem Biotechnol ,2012,167(2), 327-337.
Full Paper
» Schaeublin, N M, Braydich-Stolle, L K, Maurer, E I, Park, K, MacCuspie, R I, Afrooz, A R M N, Vaia, R A, Saleh, N B, Hussain, S M, "Does Shape Matter? Bioeffects of Gold Nanomaterials in a Human Skin Cell Model", Langmuir ,2012, 28(6), 3248-3258.
Full Paper
»Philbrook, N A , Winn, L M, Afrooz, ARM N, Saleh, N B, Walker, V K "The effect of TiO2 and Ag nanoparticles on reproduction and development of Drosophila melanogaster and CD-1", Toxicol Appl Pharmacol , 2011, 257(3), 429-436.
Full Paper
»Philbrook, N.A., Walker, V.K., Afrooz, ARM N., Saleh, N. B., Winn, L. M. "Investigating the effects of functionalized carbon nanotubes on reproduction and development in Drosophila melanogaster and CD-1 mice", Reproductive Toxicol , 2011, 32(5), 442-448.
Full Paper
» Afrooz, ARM N., Saleh, N.B. "Aggregation kinetics of gold nanorods in aquatic systems: Role of aspect ratio", ACS National Meeting, Mar 27-31, 2011, Anaheim, CA.

» Afrooz, ARM N., Zaib, Q., Decho, A. W., Saleh, N. B. "Role of Nanoparticle Geometry on Nano-bio Interaction: A Quest to Separate Physics from Chemistry", ACS National Meeting, Aug 22-26, 2010, Boston, MA.

» Aich, N., Afrooz, ARM N., Khan, I. A., Saleh, N. B. "Deposition Behavior of Anisotropic Nanomaterials", ACS National Meeting, Aug 22-26, 2010, Boston, MA.
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