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Welcome Dr. Enrica Viparelli

Dr. Enrica Viparelli obtained all her degrees from the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, Italy. During her doctoral studies, she spent one year and a half to work on her dissertation thesis at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she continued her studies and research supervised by professor Gary Parker as post-doctoral research associate, since January 2008.

In these four years she has been involved in experimental and numerical projects to study sediment transport and deposition in fluvial, deltaic and submarine environment. Most of her numerical work has been focused in the development of river/delta restoration tools in the context of the NCED (National Centre for Earth Surface Dynamics, an NSF Science and Technology Centre) multidisciplinary effort to develop detailed long-term sediment budgets in the Minnesota River basin, Minnesota, and to restore the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana.

In the very near future she will continue her collaboration on the restoration of the Mississippi Delta, and her studies on transport and deposition of sediment with uniform grain size and different densities. In a relatively near future she hopes to start working, among other things, on a probabilistic framework to model transport of non-uniform sediment, on how the interaction between a river and its floodplain changes for increasing concentrations of very fine sediment in suspension, and on new projects in collaboration with other faculty members of the department.

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