Viparelli Research Group

University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing Research

We study problems in which sediment transport, erosion and deposition play an important role, and we are particularly happy when we can consider mixtures of sediments with different characteristics, such as size and density. In other words, we try to understand how sediment grains interact with flowing water, how they move and deposit. We apply results of sediment transport studies to understand how rivers, estuaries, deltas and submarine channels change in time and space due to natural and human-induced causes. We conduct laboratory experiments, develop models and we are now learning how to effectively conduct field work. We work in groups, collaborate with colleagues and friends from other schools, departments and disciplines as shown in the pictures below.

Examples of our work are summarized in the research pages of this website with few images and/or videos. If you want to know more about a particular project, request a source code or details on a dataset, you can find author names and contact informations in the research sections of this website.

Our results can be of aid in addressing real world problems such as quantifying the impacts of engineering works on rivers and the identification of reasonable restoration strategies, predicting the impacts of engineering works on coasts, and performing sediment budgets.

In the near future we hope to expand our studies to explore the interactions between channels, vegetation and animals, transport and deposition of fine sediments (mud), and the interactions between terrestrial and near-shore sediment transport processes.

Email Dr. Enrica Viparell here for any questions.